MORTRIX seems to be quite advanced, is it too much for my needs?

MORTRIX sure can do a lot, but most importantly it’s really easy to use.

The simplicity of operation is equally beneficial in both simple and complex setups and makes it very easy to do the basic things you would normally do with a MIDI controller. Direct interaction on the touchscreen combined with device profiles and surfaces, makes basic tasks and operations even easier than ever before.

At the same time, this simplicity is what makes it possible to introduce the more advanced features, without requiring users to be computer scientists or user manual enthusiasts.

Technology that’s hard to use isn’t very helpful. MORTRIX aims to be the most user friendly and helpful MIDI controller.

How many MIDI messages can MORTRIX send per preset?

There is a limit to this, but the number is so high that the device in the receiving end is likely to struggle before MORTRIX does. Unlike most MIDI controllers, MORTRIX is not based on a microcontroller with very limited memory budget, but instead has a real CPU, RAM and storage, just like your PC or smartphone.

What is the Ethernet port used for?

Currently the ethernet port is only used for downloading firmware updates and device profiles from the internet (which can also be done over wifi). More functionality will be added to the port in due course, such as RTP MIDI.

Did you say Wifi?

Yes, MORTRIX has built-in Wifi. This is for updating the firmware and fetching new device profiles.

1000mA? That sounds like a lot.

It’s more than your average tubescreamer, thats for sure. However, considering the processing power and especially the size of the display on MORTRIX, this is to be expected. A decent power supply and maybe a current doubler should get you going.

Can I create my own Device Profile and Surfaces?

MORTRIX comes with an extensive library of device profiles for a wide range of devices, but of course there will be devices that we have not integrated yet. We plan to introduce an online tool, with which new device profiles and surfaces can be created by users and uploaded to the shared online library.

Can I backup my scenes and presets and share them with my friends?

Yes, this will be possible by uploading to an online account, a feature which we will make available further down the line.

Will there be a smaller version of MORTRIX?

At the moment there are no plans of such a device
There is a limit to how much we could reduce the screen size and the spacing between footswitches without sacrificing the user experience.

Is there an external editor or an app?

Not at the moment, but we are looking into it.

What are the expansion modules?

Expansion modules are hardware additions that can be installed in MORTRIX.

The specifc expansion modules are still on the drawing board. Which ones will be available and when is still unknown, but ideas for modules include:

  • Additional 5 pin MIDI ports
  • Analog CV in/out
  • Channel switching relays
  • MIDI compliant USB client port
  • DMX out ports
Why is my question not listed here?

We probably haven’t received it yet. Feel free to reach out on Discord with questions, ideas, etc.

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