MORTRIX®: The MIDI Controller Redefining Flexibility and Ease, All Accessible Through a User-Friendly Touch Screen.

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Powerfully simple

MIDI itself is a simple technology, yet MIDI foot controllers often feel difficult to use. Small, hard-to-read displays, unintuitive operation via abbreviated menus, and reliance on external software editors can slow down your workflow and severely limit your creativity.

MORTRIX is designed with simplicity and ease of use as the foundation of the user experience. By removing previous limitations and offering a whole new mode of interaction via its large touchscreen, MORTRIX not only redefines what a MIDI foot controller is, but also greatly expands what you can create with it.


Add the device function you’d like to control.


Adjust the values to taste, in real time.


Perform with full control and confidence.

What a view!

Encased in aluminium, surrounded by sturdy footswitches and a multitude of connectivity options, the large 7” touchscreen at the centre of MORTRIX offers an unprecedented level of usability, flexibility and overview.

Whether you’re editing or performing, MORTRIX’s screen gives you the best possible view, an unmatched level of control and a uniquely direct workflow.

When navigating the interface, controlling devices and adjusting values, everything is in plain sight, creating the simplest, cleanest, and most user-friendly experience of any MIDI controller available.

Play more, program less

Gone are the days of having to spend hours buried in user manuals and MIDI tables in order to then translate settings into MIDI data. MORTRIX’s Device Profiles do the work for you and allow you to focus on your creative goals without having to worry about what MIDI data is required to achieve them.

Simply select the device you are working with, the function you wish to control, et voilà! The preconfigured MIDI message is inserted into your preset and immediately ready to use.

Bring everything to the surface

Device Profile functions are extremely helpful for controlling individual features of a MIDI device, but sometimes you just want access to everything at once.

No problem! MORTRIX goes beyond any other MIDI controller and presents everything to you on a plate, or a Surface. Device Surfaces allow you to control the entirety of a device directly on the screen; even normally-hidden functions are made immediately accessible.

Limitless creativity - Maximum expression

MORTRIX features unparalleled flexibility with two expression pedal inputs, direct on-screen editing, live readout and a multitude of creative possibilities, including custom response curves and ranges, multiple layered expression-triggered messages and much more.

It is now easier than ever to express yourself.

Modulate, oscillate, captivate

LFOs and envelopes are no longer the sole preserve of synth players and keyboardists. MORTRIX offers easy access to these tools, allowing you to send dynamic, animated MIDI messages to any MIDI device. Assigning and editing these is, as always, delightfully straightforward and done directly on the touchscreen.

Steps ahead

A comprehensive step sequencer in each preset lets you run multiple simultaneous sequences of up to 64 steps, with each step containing as many MIDI Messages as you like. From a simple toggle of a MIDI value to playing the notes of a musical piece, the sequencer has you covered.

Groundbreaking User Interface

Thanks to its expansive and immersive touchscreen, MORTRIX makes using a MIDI foot controller easier than ever before. The user interface is designed to make operation clear and straightforward, both when setting up your sounds and during your show.


MORTRIX organises all your MIDI controls into scenes, which contains presets and messages. You can have scenes for songs, sets, sounds or however you like to stay organised.


Within a scene you can have as many presets as you like, grouped into pages of six. Presets can be activated directly by pressing or holding a footswitch, or indirectly via another preset. You can also add various utility functions such as Tap Tempo, Clock Start/Stop and sequence stepping, to name just a few.


MIDI control is all about sending messages, controlling devices and setting parameters. Each preset in MORTRIX can send a virtually unlimited number of messages when activated and deactivated, as well as react to expression input. Each one even has its own built-in 64-step sequencer.

MORTRIX further supports your creativity with extremely flexible expression features, LFOs, envelopes and a sequencer. These are easy to assign and configure within each preset.


Each of the two expression channels lets you add any number of variable MIDI messages that respond to expression input. The UI makes it easy to control ranges, values and curves, and lets you experience the pedal response and MIDI output in real time.

LFOs and envelopes

LFOs and envelopes provide a great way to add movement to your sounds. Add them to your presets to animate any MIDI parameter of your choosing. Select an LFO waveform or envelope type, adjust its parameters using the control points on the touchscreen, and then assign messages to it.


The comprehensive 64-step sequencer allows for extremely flexible execution of messages in sequence. Steps can be triggered either automatically by syncing to the MIDI clock, or manually by tapping on a footswitch. Sequence length, beat subdivision and the messages contained in each step are entirely up to you.

MIDI en masse

MORTRIX supports almost all MIDI message types, including

  • CC
  • PC
  • Note-On/Off
  • NRPN
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • Channel Aftertouch
  • CC Pair
  • SysEx

But also OSC commands over Ethernet and WiFi.


Ins and outs and more

The rear side of MORTRIX is packed with connectors for seamless integration into almost any system, big or small, new or old, past, present or future.

The recessed back panel allows more space for connectors and cables, which is often at a premium on tightly-packed pedalboards.


USB Host, MIDI In/Out x2

Expression In x2

3.5mm TRS MIDI Out x2

5-pin DIN MIDI Out

5-pin DIN MIDI In

Built in Wifi and Bluetooth.

Expansion port for future add-on modules


Width 230mm
Height 49-77mm front to back (including foot switches)
Depth 151mm
Rear recess depth 30mm
Weight 850g
Power requirements 9-24v DC 1000+mA, polarity agnostic.